Primary source of income disabled?


What if I’m the only one working in my household and I become disabled?

Many families have one primary source of income for the home.  When this person is no longer capable of working full time due to illness, financial and emotional strain can set in quickly.  Remember, it sometimes takes up to two years to resolve a Social Security Disability claim.  It’s important to have a plan!

Family discussing financial plans

Family discussing financial plans

First of all it is important to ensure that you have a stable living situation.  There are numerous organizations willing to help a family in need of financial assistance in the West Alabama area.  Some examples include assistance with housing, food, utility bills, and medications.

The next step is pursuing regular treatment with a physician.  Social Security will examine the treatment notes of your treating doctors to determine whether there is adequate documentation to approve your claim.  Of course, seeking treatment from primary care doctors and specialists can get expensive.

Doctor checking blood pressure

Seek regular medical treatment

There are agencies willing to help out with paying for your treatment as well.  Furthermore there are also low-cost medical facilities for those who can afford a small copay.  For families in extreme financial distress, there are programs which provide free healthcare to individuals who have moved out of their primary residence, due to financial hardship.

We practice only Social Security Disability law, so we commonly work with individuals from these agencies.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

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