Disability: can I qualify “automatically”?


What if my doctor tells me I should be “automatically” qualified for Social Security/Supplemental Security Income Disability?

The Social Security Administration uses two main paths to find a claimant disabled.  One method is probably the easiest and most likely situation for getting a favorable decision.  Let’s start with that method.

As long as an individual can show that he or she is no longer capable of performing any full-time work, Social Security will make a finding of disability.  Claimants will be approved who are unable to return to their past relevant work and whose disabilities prevent them from pursuing any type of substantial gainful employment.  These rules also take into account a person’s age.  The older you are the less you have to prove.

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On the other hand, when a doctor recommends that you could be “automatically” qualified for SSA benefits, the doctor is most likely referring to the Social Security Listings of Impairments.  The “Listings” represent extremely severe conditions which, by law, are automatic grounds for disability if the individual is no longer working.  To meet a Listing, it requires a significant amount of medical documentation.  In my experience, the medical records should include a description of the condition. They should also include the tests used to confirm the severity of the condition. Finally, the medical records should include the current treatment plan and the symptoms the patient experiences.

Should your physician believe you are qualified for disability, do not hesitate to contact my office for additional support.  We are here to help.

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